The Six-toed Jesus: Following Jesus’ Footprints in Stained Glass

I was going through my closet doing some spring cleaning when I came across a newspaper article I had saved about a six-toed Jesus. Written in 2003, the Dallas article featured a stor…

Source: The Six-toed Jesus: Following Jesus’ Footprints in Stained Glass


About Lastrealindian

My wife and I have lived in Mesa since we came here in June 1987 with our youngest son from Oklahoma. My wife and I both helped gather signatures for putting Prop 203 on the ballot. We belonged to Camp 420 and NORML along with the AOD people. My wife has been down for almost three years from a life-threatening spinal tear from her C-3 down to the T-3. Now it is hard for us to get out with all our old friends. We just have been overloaded with medical bills. My wife and I are located in the East Valley. I am a Arizona Medical Marijuana Patient always carrying a current card. My wife and I are in our early 60's and both have had spine surgeries and all the other wonderful things which comes from having a fun and fantastic youth! All the knee whacks begin to let you know about it. Heavy lifting will allow one's spine know very well how it feels. We are about meeting like-minded folks and discussing life and maybe the immediate future. We are non-denominational generic Christians. Same sinners, now saved. Jesus says, paraphrased, "All things are permissible; but, not all things are beneficial" for us. He gave us every plant bearing seed after itself to use of food, medicine, and many other things. I personally believe he created marijuana as an extremely useful plant for so many reasons we have yet to become aware.
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